zkRace is both the front-running Web3 horse racing game & the world's 1st cutting-edge zk-rollup-based infrastructure tailored for GameFi and powered by ZERC

zkRace as a game is a combination of 2 significantly growing multi-billion-dollar markets: video gaming, and horse racing, all merged by blockchain and NFT technologies.

zkRace infrastructure based on zk-rollup technology is crafted for all Web3 gaming needs, enabling scalability, transparency and seamlessness within GameFi projects.

This innovative technology is gearing up to welcome other GameFi projects seeking to bypass traditional blockchain constraints. Utilizing ZERC for transaction fees, this system significantly boosts the utility and demand for ZERC, derived directly from its practical application.

zkRace's powerhouse token ZERC is set to bring forward the GamiFi revolution, offering unparalleled utility by fuelling both the game and the underlying infrastructure.

Pioneered by zkRace. Powered by ZERC. Tailored for GameFi and beyond.

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