zkRace can be monetized in various ways:

  1. NFT asset sales - there will be regular drops in the zkRace platform where players would be able to purchase assets such as horses and hippodromes.

  2. In-game advertisements - we would allow our hippodrome owners to create paid advertisements on our platform to attract more race participants to their hippodromes.

  3. We would take a small fee from all transactions on the platform: NFT horses sales, races, breeding, renting, etc.

  4. Use of zkRace infrastructure - $ZERC will serve as gas fee for GameFi projects utilizing the zkRace layer 2 zk-rollup Validium solution within their Web3 games.

Fee structure

Fees are applied on the platform for every transaction. The size of the fee depends on the form of transactions. zkRace fee structure:



NFT horses sales


NFT horse breeding

50 zkRace coins

Participating in the race

5% of entry fee

NFT horse renting


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