zkRace Coin utility

The primary role of ZERC is to drive the entire zkRace ecosystem, acting as the foundational currency for all transactions within this dynamic universe.

Exclusively used for all in-game transactions, zkRace coins are crucial for entering races and tournaments, securing winnings, and conducting trades within the game’s native marketplace.

Additionally, all player earnings are exclusively disbursed in zkRace native tokens, ensuring a consistent volume and circulation within the ecosystem.

Further enhancing its utility, ZERC will also serve as the required gas fee for any GameFi projects that leverage the zkRace layer 2 zk-rollup Validium solution, solidifying its role in the broader gaming landscape.

Moreover, ZERC holders benefit from early access to initial rounds of upcoming projects within the W3Forge ecosystem (gaming studio behind zkRace), adding significant value and exclusivity to holding zkRace tokens.

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