All horse races take place in hippodromes. Hippodrome ownership is set in NFT hippodrome tokens. One hippodrome contains 10 000 individual NFT tokens, therefore, the player can own a part of the whole hippodrome.

Owning more than 5000 (more than 50%) tokens guarantees you a right to administrate hippodrome races.

Hippodrome administrators choose how and when to host the races in their hippodrome. The races can be made public, comply with certain requirements (for example have certain a winning history), or via invite (for specific users). The administrator controls the race entry fee and winner prize fund.

The owners can advertise their hippodromes to other players. It can be done in the game or outside the game (for example Telegram). zkRace controls the number of both created and active hippodromes at all times.

There will be a level system for hippodromes. Levels will depend on races held, overall activity, etc. The hippodrome might lose a level if it’s inactive.

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