zkRace Core Game Features

As a No1. NFT horse racing ecosystem, zkRace delivers an unparalleled gaming experience that centers around player engagement, numerous rewards, and fostering a vibrant in-game community. Built on groundbreaking zk-rollup technology, zkRace offers a comprehensive ecosystem that caters to both active participants and those preferring a more passive engagement.

By closely mirroring the thrills of real-life horse racing, zkRace allows players to dive deep into the world of horse racing, offering the ability to race, breed, trade and rent NFT horses, host tournaments in virtual hippodromes, and much more, providing an unmatched horse racing adventure.

The gameplay of zkRace is created to be both simple and complex at the same time. The player can participate in a preferred way. The player can play as a:

  • Horse owner

  • Hippodrome administrator

In every role, the players can play with a different involvement, offering both active and passive gameplay. The involvement would influence the rewards earned. All players earn key benefits with activity earning greater rewards.

There’s never a zero.

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